Learn More About Advanced Motorsports Betting

When it comes to sports betting, many people still think of horse racing and football as the only major betting markets, and this is reflected in the priority which mainstream bookmakers give to those sports. Increasingly, however, professional gamblers are turning their attention to more obscure markets in their quest for value betting opportunities.Motorsports offer tremendous scope for the canny sporting investor. With the increasing popularity of betting exchanges, there are endless opportunities to turn your love of motor racing into an exhilarating and lucrative sideline.Because fewer punters involve themselves in motorsport betting, there can be limited liquidity within certain markets, but in high-profile events such as Formula 1, the betting markets are usually lively enough to ensure plenty of viable prospects.In addition to betting on the outright winner of championship events, many bookmakers offer speciality bets on a wide variety of propositions, ranging from the fastest lap to driver-vs-driver match betting.The secret to making money from sporting propositions is not simply to look for obvious short-priced winners, but rather to develop the skill of identifying errors in the crowd’s judgement of events. The amount of money you make from betting is directly related to your ability to exploit errors in the market’s assessment of likely outcomes.One unique benefit that motorsport has to offer the shrewd punter is the fact that events last long enough to allow significant opportunities for arbitrage. You can back and lay the same proposition multiple times in the course of a single event, thus taking advantage of fluctuations in the market in a way which is simply impossible in the course of a two-minute horse race over six or seven furlongs.Before getting involved in any form of betting arbitrage, prospective punters are advised to familiarise themselves with the intricacies of this sophisticated form of sporting investment. The more you understand about the way betting exchanges work, the safer and more enjoyable your journey will be as you transform a fascinating hobby into a potentially profitable source of income.

Leila Gottlieb